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What is Elimination Communication?

“Elimination Communication is a gentle, non-coercive way to respond to a baby’s natural hygiene needs, from as early as birth.” – Andrea Olson

Elimination Communication (EC) can be practiced full time or part time, most of the time in combinaison with diapers. Some can EC infant potty training or baby-led potty learning.

Elimination has been practiced by parents of the world since thousands of years. Still today, EC is the norm in countries where diapers simply don’t exist. If we look around the world, over half of babies are potty trained around one year old.

What is Potty Training?

The Go Diaper Free method for Potty Training is inspired by EC, but adapted to the physical and psychological development of toddlers (18 months and up). We offer a firm but gentle approach that will allow you to potty train your child quickly, simply.

We don’t believe in treats and rewards, nor in punishment. Instead, we focus on self-motivation and the children’s desire to do things by him or herself.

Meet your coaches

Kelly, Ariane and Jessica


Kelly Brogan

Kelly lives the the North Western suburbs of Chicago with her husband, daughter and cat! She began my Elimination Communication (EC) practice by teaching her (now) 21 month old daughter how to communicate her bathroom needs; not only because it made sense to her after some generous thought, she also wanted to save ourselves years of diaper expenses! From there she decided that other families needed to know about this way of communicating with their babies! She took a coaching course and have found that there is a great need not only for Elimination Communication support, but also with Potty Learning!

  • Phone : 815-922-5098
  • Email : kelly@godiaperfree.com

Ariane Blais-Lacombe

Ariane is a a stay-at-home mom, who lives in Chicago (Hyde Park) with her husband and toddler. She is a Go Diaper Free coach and an EC blogger. She comes from Québec in Canada, French is her mother-tongue. She is very passionate about perinatality and natural living. She teaches Elimination Communication and Potty Training classes as well as free support groups open to everyone.

  • Phone : 312-581-3836
  • Email : ariane@godiaperfree.com

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Jessica Hart

Jessica is a Go Diaper Free certified coach who lives in Naperville with her husband and two daughters. She is passionate in helping others learn about gentle potty learning and elimination communication and loves one on one coaching. She offers in person help for the Western Suburbs area and online personalized support for all Illinois residents. 

  • Phone : 317-833-7989
  • Email : jessicah@godiaperfree.com

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Our services

As Go Diaper Free coaches, we offer different services to families who want to go diaper free, with Elimination Communication or Potty Training. No matter how old you baby or kid is, we can help you free yourself from diaper dependence.

We teach classes, we do private consultations and we host free support groups.

To know when our next events will happen, consult our Facebook groups or join our newsletter.

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Our best resources


Go Diaper Free by Andrea Olson

More than 300 pages of reliable information and useful illustrations. This book is THE ultimate starting point to start or improve your EC journey. Andrea Olson gives practical advice and explanations as well as philosophical and cultural background on natural infant hygiene.


Tiny Potty Training by Andrea Olson

Get it done the right way, quickly and gently! This book will give you all the information you need to start potty training as soon as you want. The long trouble-shooting section will help you get through this process, even if you have already started.

Our favorite gear

The best potties

When choosing a potty, make sure it is comfortable and easy to use, both for you and your baby. For newborns up to one year old, the top hat potty is a favorite. For babies 6 months and up, choose a low potty that will allow you child to sit in an ergonomic position, knees upper than the bottom. Toilet seat reducers are useful to offer many options to your toddler. A travel potty makes everything easier during outings and travels.

For a very complete comparison of many potties available on the market, consult EC Peesy’s Best Elimination Communication Potties for Home and Travel.

Top Hat Potty
BabyBjorn Potty
Ikea Lilla Potty
Ikea Toilet Seat
Baby Mini Potty
Reusable insert

Protections for all situations

Since “diaper-free” means “free from dependence upon diapers”, you are allowed to use all kinds of protections during your EC and PT journey. Misses and accidents do happen and sometimes it’s better to be covered.

Not sure what kind of diaper or trainer you need? Consult Andrea Olson’s Ultimate Guide to EC Backups.

Flour sack towels
Wool diaper cover
Training pants
Coton underwear
Waterproof covers
Baby boxers
Puddle pad
Car seat protection

Adapted clothing

The laps of time between a baby’s signal and his actual elimination can sometimes be really quick. So there is no time to loose with unsnapping onsies and pyjamas. EC clothing allows a fast and easy access to the diaper area. Two-pieces outfits are usually easier to manage while doing EC.

Angie had such a hard time pottying her baby with regular clothes that she created a brand of underwear and clothing specially adapted to EC. Read her story here.

Sleep gown
Split pants
Jeogori top

Motivation for children

We don’t suggest to use stickers, candies or other rewards during potty training. Internal motivation works best. However, you may need some help to get your child on the potty and stay there during their business. Songs, toys and books are excellent for that! Those two board books will not only entertain your child, but also teach them how to use the potty, day and night.

Tiny Potty Board Book
Night Potty Board Book

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